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August 2009 - Firecrafter Den meeting


March 2008 - Readyman meeting at St.Myer's. Gorey accident victims seek aid! Pictures


December 2007 - Learn from an officer! Also included in these Pictures are the making of the skit props

November Den Meeting Song for Practice (right click and "save as")

Oct 2007 - Candy Mold den meeting at StMyers. Thanks to Blade for leading the meeting for everyone and coming up with such a cool idea! Pictures




9.25.07 meeting at Grants house. We're going to work on toolboxes so don't be late! Here's a Map to Grants house


First Den meeting of 2007-2008 scout season at the Presbyterian church - 7PM

Some great pictures of one of our physics lessons!

2006 Archived event information and photos


Great showing in the pinewood derby this year!

Wolf Skittiong for the December pack meeting :

I don't know but I've been told,
Our Scoutmaster is mighty old!

Uniforms are perfect cause our den rules,
Be'in in scouts is mighty cool!

Take a look at our blue backs,
We'll win the challenge and be first for snack!

Put your pens down if you're keeping score,
'cause this songs over and there ain't no more!


Wolf Den

Rossville Wolf Den....WOLF DEN!




2005 Den Meeting Smashing Fruit and Raquetballs Frozen With Liquid Nitrogen!

2005 blue and gold banquet bobcat ceremony

Keynote speaker astronaut Guy Gardner