Welcome to the 2019 Popcorn Fundraiser information page!


Fun Popcorn Activity from 2016



  1. Cheese Lover's Collection $30 each 1
  2. Salted Caramel Corn $25 each 1
  3. Premium Caramel Corn $20 each 3
  5. KETTLE CORN $25 each 1
  6. White Cheddar Cheese $20 each 2
  7. CARAMEL CORN $10 each 6
  8. POPPING CORN $10 each 2



Call Heather St.Myer 379-3793 or 714-3529 (texts ok) or email at


Key Dates

Saturday, Aug. 31st : Kit Pick up at St.Myer's 1PM to 4PM

Saturday Sept. 7th and 28th:

  •    Show and Sell 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM Flour Mill Bakery on SR. 26  

Oct. 20 Popcorn Take order sheets and unsold kit popcorn to the St.Myers

Nov. 13 All $ due to Heather and turn in your folders

Nov. 15 Pickup popcorn for your “take order” sales at St.Myers’

Order Forms/Prizes

a) Each sheet has enough lines for 30 orders – You can make copies of order forms. If you run out of order forms, ask Heather for more. Be sure to keep track of contact information for customers who order product to be delivered at a later date. You can get a copy of the order form here: www.crossroadsbsa.org/popcorn. REGISTER TO SELL ONLINE HERE!

b) Prizes this year are Amazon Gift Cards for sales over $350.

c) Prizes awarded will be per the prize sheets for the amount sold as well as some great EXTRA PRIZES for our top sellers. Extra Pack prizes include Top sellers in each den and top 3 in the Pack, prizes for selling the kit($340), most online sales and $1000 in sales. To be eligible for Pack prizes, scout must sell the value of his kit ($340).

Campaign sales goals

a) Total Pack Sales goal : $18,000
b) Per Scout target : $340 (equals value of kit contents)

Extra Popcorn

When you sell all of the popcorn in your kit—GREAT JOB, BUT DON'T STOP! You can call, text or email Heather to arrange a time and place to pick up additional popcorn if it is available. There are a few products for sale this year that aren’t in your kit. (Chocolate Lover’s tin and Chocolately Caramel Crunch.) We will have a small supply of these later and can order more of everything. DO NOT TRADE POPCORN with other Scouts.


Drop off cash and checks regularly to Heather St.Myer so we can get the scout account funded. Please DO NOT keep popcorn checks and cash on hand totaling over $200. All checks should be to: Pack 337

Sell $2500 and you will be enrolled in the scholarship program!

Safety tips
Scouts should never sell alone, an adult should accompany sellers.
Always walk on the sidewalk and driveway, not through the yard.
Do not carry large amounts of cash.
Never enter anyone's house, even if invited.
Sell only during daylight hours.
Selling tips: Be courteous and polite. Smile and introduce yourself. Wear your Scout uniform. This provides instant credibility since it is highly recognizable. Most people have a positive response to a Scout uniform and will be supportive.
Be informed. Know the various products sold, when it will be delivered, and how it benefits Scouts.

When selling - ask if someone would like to support Scouting, not if they would like to buy popcorn. We are "selling" the Scouting program.
The military donation is a great way to
support the troops—be sure to ask!

When a customer asks for product you do not have in your kit, take the order and tell them we will fill it by the middle of November.

If you notice it's getting close to the end of the sale (Oct. 20) and you still have a lot of a certain product, let Heather know so it can be re-distributed to another scout who needs it.

DO NOT OPEN THE BOXES OF CHEESE LOVER’S or CHOCOLATE LOVER'S-- We cannot return them if they are not sold but have been opened

Be careful: The Chocolate Lover’s, Chocolatey Caramel Crunch and Caramel Corn can melt!

We cannot return any popcorn that has melted—and they do check if it has melted!! You will be responsible for the cost of any product from your kit that melts.
Keep track of the popcorn that has been delivered and paid for and what needs to be ordered.
Please read the labels carefully when selling and delivering. Some of the packages look very similar.

DO NOT TRADE POPCORN with other Scouts.

ONLINE SALES Instructions:

Go to www.trails-end.com select Register, select the "Parent" option and follow the instructions. Our Council is "Crossroads of America" and our District is "Sugar Creek" then select Pack 0337
Ask Heather if you need any assistance.

Download the Trails End app to track your scout's sales and accept credit card payments!

Good luck!