So you're new to Scouting eh?

First thing : Take a look at our leaders page and get to know your den leader. We'll try to post den meeting times and locations on the calendar page, but no guarantee it will be accurate for each week.
The Calendar page is usually up to date, but sometimes it's best to call your den or pack leader to make sure of the next den or pack activity.

Second thing : Watch this video. It's a great summary of what cub scouts is all about.

Basic uniform and book fees run $77 for the scouting year. This is the big first time fee as it includes the shirt, which is almost 1/2 of that fee. The shirt will last your son usually at least 3 years (so buy it a little big!) . This fee includes : shirt, patches, belt, neckerchief, slide, book, hat and registration fees. The hat and belt are optional, but come in handy. We don't require the pants in our pack. It might seem like alot, but the benefits your son will get from the program are a hundred times more valuable (your pack leaders opinion)! There is a scout shop trading post at Cary Camp on 26 also, and both Kokomo and Indy have a scout store. Badges and most awards will be funded by the pack and procured by the den leaders. (speaking of the den leaders, you might give em a "thank you" for helping out the next time you see them)

LINK to where the patches belong!

What is the time commitment?
Tiger and Lion den parents need to be present at each den and pack function with the scout. Older scouts do not need the parent at the meeting, but many choose to stay and participate anyway. There MUST be at a minimum 2 adult leaders at every scout function. This is referred to as "2 deep leadership" in scouting. It's an important part of knowing your son will be safe at all scout functions.
Most dens will meet once a week for about an hour. The pack will have a meeting once a month (no den meetings on pack meeting weeks) where we'll do fun things like Den challenges and distribute awards for scout achievements and advancement. Who can't find another hour a week for their son?
Our kids are all busy these days with school, soccer, and baseball. When you ask yourself if you can add yet another activity to the list, remember this. All the astronauts who have walked on the moon were eagle scouts and I'll guarantee they remember their days in scouting. I wonder if they would remember a baseball game they played in when they were 10?

Coming into scouts MID YEAR? Call your pack leader. We'll make it work! Heather St.Myer or 765-379-3793

The best link to keep you in touch is the website you're already at, but here are a few other scouting related websites :

Crossroads of America Boy Scout Council Website (Central Indiana). Good site for history of scouting, who's who in the national scouting organization, and upcoming council activities our boys can participate in.

W. Lafayette pack 3338 scout page has a ton of great info that is appropriate for most scout packs. They do a great website and there is TONS of useful information.